In another holding area, they removed all the incoming inmates’ shackles and handcuffs. Then Hilton heard the cat calls:
          “Hey fish! Hey, look at the new fish!”
          “Look at the young one!”
          “Hey, kid! We’re going to have a piece of you, dude.”
          “What are you in for, huh?”
          “Hey, Boy, they're really robbing the cradle to put somebody like you in here, huh?” Then more ominously Hilton heard, “Hey, fish! Boy, you're going to make a pretty girl!”

     ‘Troubles’ is the story of a warrior who survived the jungles of Vietnam, America’s most notorious prisons and Big Oil boardrooms. Abandoned as a toddler, Dickie Hilton learned woodsman skills from the man who raised him in the California’s Sierra Nevada foothills.

      At fifteen years of age he left school unannounced to anyone and hitchhiked back to California. He’d already killed a hostile bear and flew a plane solo beneath a bridge. Lying about his age, he joined the Navy at sixteen. He became a UDT ‘frogman,’ part of an elite group that was created August 15, 1942 during World War II. The UDT Frogman designation would later be changed to the Navy Seals by JFK in 1962. In Vietnam he survived three bullet wounds and capture.

The Big House

     He returned to the United States only to become a fugitive rather than to kill in defense or be killed by Marines who held a grudge. Arrested at nineteen, he was sentenced to eight years in prison and sent to one of the only two island Federal Prisons.